You came all the way from Michigan Tech?

To the bus driver who posed this question to the group of athletes outfitted in Swix gear and carrying binders of engineering homework, the answer is yes. Yes it is in the UP, and no, it is not in Marquette.


The start line of the collegiate women’s 6k @ MSU

Driving for 9 hours one way to run for twenty-something minutes is not everyone’s idea of an “exciting weekend”, but for the cross country athletes at Michigan Tech, it gets us more pumped than just about anything else. For many of the Tech runners, a downstate meet is one of the only times they will see their families all semester. This is my case, and I was happy to have a cheering squad! Many of us didn’t get the times we wanted, but it was still a good official start to the season. Find the official press release here:

After the race,  I went home for the first time in months. It’s almost like you don’t realize how much you miss certain people and places until you get to see them again. For example, Panera Bread is something that just does not exist within 500 miles of Michigan Tech, so it is quite the lunchtime luxury while at home. In reality, Panera was only a small part of what I was missing from home. Family dinners, knitting with grandma, reuniting with friends, and hugging the cats are what made my one day at home simply perfect.



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